While it’s possible to do a DIY retaining wall installation job to practice your masonry skill or save some dollars, it’s better to let people with lengthy experience, proven skills, proper equipment, and access to the right materials handle it. By getting the services of professionals for your project, you can expect retaining walls that are built tough and beautiful. And when it comes to professional installation services, Integrity Hardscapes is the name that residents of Kansas and Missouri fully trust.

We have our own team of seasoned masons, who have handled countless projects involving retaining walls. Meanwhile, our designers ensure that clients’ ideas are turned into realistic design renderings that offer the latter a view of the walls once finished. Whether it’s for a private residence, a commercial area, or even a public space, our skilled personnel are ready to take on the task of building clients’ desired retaining wall features.

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Tough and Stunning Retaining Walls

While retaining walls are generally prized for their safety benefits, our company ensures that the walls we build are not just functional but also durable and eye-catching. With this, we only offer wall collections that are appealing and proven to last for decades. We carry 17 retaining wall collections that allow clients to pick one that suits their needs and design requirements perfectly. We have designs for residential landscapes such as Anchor Diamond and Anchor Highland, while clients may want to check out our Celtik Wall and Keystone Century Wall product lines for their commercial property.

The main thing about the retaining walls we install is their exceptional durability, which makes them smart add-ons to any property. By adhering to strict industry standards and using only premium blocks from trusted manufacturers like Belgard, we assure clients that the walls we build will last for many decades without requiring major maintenance works. Our crews do not make shortcuts during the installation process to ensure that we’re placing block after block the proper way.

Moreover, we always consult with clients and inform them of our progress to ensure that we’re on the same page with how the walls are built. At the end of the day, we’re able to create retaining wall structures that are above other walls in terms of functionality, durability, safety, and appeal.

Safer and More Functional Outdoors

If you have unused spaces in your property or spots that have rather steep slopes and unsteady soil, the best solution is to erect retaining walls. These added features are proven by many clients to be exceptionally beneficial. They can turn idle areas into spots where flowers and even vegetable can be grown. More importantly, they add a layer of protection since they prevent soil erosion or rockslide, which can harm people or destroy nearby structures and plantings.

When you hire us to build retaining walls, you can expect that they will help keep your outdoors safer and more functional. That’s not a promise but an assurance. Please call us today.

While adding visual and textural interest, walls are also a useful addition to any landscape adding usable square footage to your property. Retaining walls provide more level areas for landscaping beds, walkways, patios, or play. Wall systems reinforce hills and slopes, protect structures, and can also preserve your land from possible soil erosion. Contact us for a free estimate.